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Combating HIV/AIDS by nutritional support

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combating the illitracy by

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community based health

Women, youth and children development program

Ratson envisions a self-reliant community, free from any psycho-social and economic burden,and a community that enjoys the basic human needs and human rights.

Ratsons mission is to improve the deep rooted development problems of target communities living in the country especially Women, Youth and Children by promoting genuine participation of the target constituent and all stakeholders through community based rural and urban development programmes.

Objective :
To bring a mothers, youth and children centered Holistic development in Ada’a Liben Wereda and other intervention sites.


  • Raising the futures of our nation , children, through the provision of education and health services
  • Building the capacity of women, who account to more than 50% of the wider community
  • Improving the income level of the rural peasant and the urban poor communities through various types of self help initiatives ,
  • Work on HIV prevention and impact mitigation activities
  • Improving the awareness level of young girls through availing information etc…


  • To create a self reliant community that has an improved level of awareness through improved access to Information and Knowledge.

Guiding principles

  1. Accountability and transparently
  2. Community participation
  3. Gender sensitivity
  4. Focused on Disadvantaged group
  5. community based approach
  6. committed to excellence


Ratson currently has got more than 65 staff throughout its working areas including the head office. The organization has qualified and skilled staffs working with full commitment to achieve its goals.

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Program Departements

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